Our services are divided into three entities: Automated Testing, Manual Testing, and Business Testing. After the complete requirement grasping and gathering, a work flow timeline is developed, and an effective budget is created according to the product specification and man power assigned to handle it.

Automated Testing
Automated Testing consists of system analysis, test case generation, script implementation, and script deployment. Results are generated and studied, and accordingly, new scenarios are developed and applied. Once we handle a system, we perform a complete system analysis, defining the requirements needed to be achieved. Accordingly, we create our test cases and scenarios, depending on the modules available and their priority to the overall system. Scripts are then implemented and deployed to the system testing architecture Reporting. This state progresses continually identifying problems, weaknesses and potential weaknesses; with continual contact with your development team to solve the problems and bugs throughout the process.

Manual Testing
Manual testing is a process that can’t be disregarded, it is used to implement and assure the results of the automated testing methodology in addition to the basic requirements analysis of the system; as we call it the “The Basic Check Test”. The basic check test is to the check if there are any apparent problems or bugs; this process is applied with the time of test case generation.

Business Testing
Business solutions testing for your application is implemented to find “business bugs”
that can cause problems to the client in the manners of easiness, usability and customized business requirements.
So we approach the problems in a business perspective, and identify the best techniques to be used for an optimized solution through our experienced functional experts.


Web development is a process in promoting a website and increasing the ROI of a company.

Web development services provide effective IT solutions to make their work faster. IT solutions are provided to start-up, growing, and listed Companies with equal efficiency. Companies’ employees, customers, and stakeholders are benefited with  business environment. RNS a Web Development Company offers designing, development, integration, and maintenance of web applications enabling an enterprise to solve critical and complex business problems.Corporate web development offers web development, web application development, web portal development, mobile applications, and  corporate website designs. Web development is a broad term used in developing a website and for the internet and development of an  intranet or a private network. RNS provides services ranging from simple static single page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses or social networking services.


Our web development team consists of web developers who develop programs as per clients’ needs – single permanent solution to secondary assignments through graphic designers, information systems technicians.

We provide services efficiently, cutting down cost, increasing the sales, and make revenue grow.

Android Development

Android Business App Development
Android Games Development
Android Health App Development
Android Online Security Tools Development
Android News App Development
Android Travel App Development
Android Music App Development
Android e-Book Publishing


Custom Software Development was established to help customers with specific online needs and requirements or even to put varied  ideas into practice. It entails the modification and customization of all established and already developed software solutions With continuous developments in the complexities involved in all e-commerce and other online business activities, it is essential to meet the business as well as the customers’ requirements and preferences in least time with maximum efficiency.

Custom Design Software isn’t intended to provide solutions to large masses. Instead, it is supposed to ensure that the very specific requirements are fulfilled for the clients. And their ideas are taking shape exactly the way they want it to.Progressive technologies and advanced solutions are utilized for the purpose of better fulfillment of the customers’ expectations and preferences. Custom software development takes place in a stage wise format, with every single step being taken cautiously and according to procedure.  This allows the development to take place with all nuances and technical issues sorted out. Even the hidden dangers are identified and consequently rectified.

The software developed for mobile phone applications and other handheld communication devices is an example of custom software development without the usage of a common group or relativity.

RNS tries to provide the most appropriate solutions for all services for Custom Software Development and software engineering services.


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Data Entry Services

> Online data entry
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> Data conversion
> Copy paste
> Data processing
> Image processing
> Form processing
> Yellow and white pages processing
> PDF to word
> Medical billing data entry
> Insurance processing
> Invoice data entry
> Survey processing
> Image to any format processing
> Numeric data entry
> Automobile insurance Form filling
> Health insurance form filling
> Legal document data entry
> E-book conversion in to any formats

We have extensive in providing inbound call center outsourcing services to global customers in varied industries, such as travel, real estate, airlines and banking. Outsource inbound call center solutions to RNS and benefit from strategic contact center services that help you attain your business objectives and stay ahead of competition.
our Inbound Call Center Services

Phone answering services
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Order taking services
Product information services
Up-selling and cross-selling services
Claims processing services
Billing queries services
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Subscription services
Order entry services
Answering services
Scheduling sales demos services
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Charge back handling services
Real time inventory status services
Ticketing sales subscription services
Rebate processing services
Insurance claims processing services
Product recall management services
Job dispatch services
Warranty registration services
Registration of event and trade show participants and prospects services